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Our Instructors


Sophia McDermott Drysdale

Sophia began her Jiu Jitsu career in Australia in 2002. With a background as a gymnast she rapidly moved up the ranks achieving outstanding results in the competition circuit both in Australia and Internationally. Sophia hold the distinction of being the first Australian female Black Belt, and the first Australian athlete,  male or female to have won Gold as a Black Belt in the No Gi Wolrds (2009) and the Pan Ams (2014). 

Sophia is a: 4 x State, 4 x National, 4 x Pan Pacific, 4 x Pan American Champion.  She is also a No Gi World Champion and a 2 x World Champion Medalist.


Kristian Woodmansee

Kristian Woodmansee is a Robert Drysdale Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt. He has been training jiu jitsu for 6 years and has an extensive competition record. Kristian competes regularly all over the country and is currently a World Champion, 2x Pan Am Champion, and a 14x IBJJF medalist. He is currently the head instructor for the Beginners program.


Michael Ceijas

Michael Ceijas has trained BJJ for 7 years and been working as a fitness trainer for the duration of his BJJ training.  He hold the destinction of being a  World Champion (2013) amongst other notable acheivements.He currently teaches Strength and Conditioning classes durin the weekdays.




Matt Villiatora

Matt Villiatora has been training BJJ for 6 years and is currently a brown belt. He has an extensive competition record with his most notable achievement being 2nd Place at the Pan Am Championships. He teaches the kids BJJ program and pays particular attention to the competition aspect of BJJ and helping those who what to compete become better competitors..



Gaspar Agabin (June bug)

Gaspar Agabin has been training BJJ for 8 years and is currently a purple belt. He has extensive background in teaching and coaching and preparing athletes for camps and tournaments . He is currently the head assistant instructor for the BJJ kids class.




Ryan Silver

Ryan Silver is has been training BJJ for 7 years and is currently a purple belt. He is a qualified Personal Trainer from the National Academy Sports Medicine and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach Association. He has been teaching Innovative functional training and conditioning coach for MMA and BJJ competitors for four years. Ryan Silver is currently the Strength and Conditioning classes on the weekends.


Allen Antoniewitcz

Allan Antoniewitcz is a highly experienced technician with over 15 years training in the art of Braziliann Jiu Jitsu and Judo. He is  a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a Black Belt in Judo! Allan also has extensive experience in the Law Enforcement Operations and is a Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor. Currently Allan is the head Judo instructor at the academy.

Karina Taylor

Karina served as an Army Military Police Officer, training in unarmed self-defense since 1999 including Boxing, Muay Thai (kickboxing), Wrestling, Grappling, GI and No-Gi BJJ. She has also taken courses with The Department of Defense, National Academy of Sports Medicine, TRX, Power Plate and is CPR & AED certified. Karina has been teaching Cardio Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Strength & Conditioning and privately for over 5 years.

  Ken Hahn
  Ken Hahn is the head striking coach at our facility and holds an  
  extensive background in martial arts. He is a second degree black  belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as in Enshin Karate. His areas of  expertise include Mixed Martial Arts, Personal Weight Training,  and Cardio Style Martial Arts. Ken also has over eight years of experience in coaching UFC Fighters, such as Frank Mir.

Kyle Griffin

Kyle Griffin is the wrestling coach for our Adult Professional Fighter class. He has been wrestling for nearly fifteen years and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for five years. He is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but made it to the quarter finals of the ADCC qualifier as a white belt. He has competed and won in many local tournaments including: NAGA, Grappler's Quest, and Fightblok & UFC Fan Expo.