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Coach Sonny Sebastian

a photo of sonny sebastian staring into the camera with his arms on his belt
Sonny Sebastian

Meet our very own Saturday kids coach and Adult 6:00am Bjj coach Sonny Sebastian.

Sonny started Jiu-jitsu back in July 2010, he said “The reason I started was because I wanted to be like BJ Penn”.
He’s won multiple tournaments to name a few.
Jiu-Jitsu World League gold medalist as a purple belt,
Naga Gi and No-Gi gold medalist as a purple belt,
Bjj Tour gold medalist as a brown belt.

Jan, 6th 2018 was promoted to black belt.
Now he’s been sharing his knowledge with our Kids program on Saturday’s @9:00am also our Adult Bjj class at 6:00am on Monday’s and Wednesday’s

Prince Doug Sebastian,

On his free time Sonny enjoys being home with his new puppy Prince Doug. He said “playing tug of war with Prince helps me keep up my grip strength”

Prince Doug Sebastian