Zenith Jiu Jitsu by Robert Drysdale


Judo is not just about succeeding against an opponent – in fact, it has its very own moral code. This set of guidelines outlines how all Judo martial artists should live and behave, not just as athletes, but as people. This code includes values surrounding courtesy, courage, friendship, honesty, honor, modesty, respect, and self-control.

Here at Zenith Jiu Jitsu by Robert Drysdale, we feel that Judo should align with its Japanese translation – ”the way of gentleness.” Though Judo is an intense martial art that requires great endurance and strength, it should be practiced in an orderly way that honors and protects everyone involved. Our Judo classes are welcoming, challenging, and extremely fulfilling. We feel that Judo is the perfect martial art for athletes looking to expand their physical abilities and gain more experience in self defense. Martial artists who practice Judo are known for their quick thinking and high levels of strength, coordination, and agility. Not only is Judo an amazing martial art to be able to practice, but the skills you’ll acquire from it are guaranteed to change your athletic game in all other martial arts.

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